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Experience You Can Count On

I am Erin B. Haag, a Business Consultant specializing in Pricing & Sales. I am on a mission to help female entrepreneurs in service-based industries MAKE MORE MONEY. I have spent my career working in female-dominated businesses. I have witnessed firsthand the power of women in business, and I believe that the only thing more powerful than a woman with an idea is a woman with a business plan.

My career began in Corporate America where I worked as an area supervisor, corporate sales trainer, and call center manager for some of the nation’s leading companies in the weight-loss, medical spa, cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal, and teeth whitening industries. I spent years honing skills like soft sales techniques, phone & sales scripts, client retention strategies, and metric tracking. I even acted as the QVC spokesperson for one of these companies.

But despite what seemed like my “career success,” I was working 50-60 hours per week, traveling cross country from location to location, and I only had 2 weeks paid vacation. Meanwhile, the owners of these companies sat back, reaping the rewards of my time and energy, making millions of dollars.

Then the Financial Crisis of 2008 hit, and I was laid off from my corporate sales job. I had spent years building companies and wealth for other people, and in an instant, I was let go. That whole time, I should’ve been building wealth for myself.

So I did!

In 2009, I opened my own service-based business, Pilates of Palm Beach. Utilizing the same skills and business structures I acquired in corporate America, my business was profitable, and I paid myself from day one. My revenue grew year-over-year by at least 20%, but despite the revenue growth, my profit margin wasn’t increasing; nor was my paycheck.

This was my reality.

I had 2 babies under the age of 2. I was working 50+ hours per week. I hadn’t taken a vacation in years, and anytime I took even one day off, my business came to a screeching halt. I was tied to my cell phone and work emails 24/7. And I was hospitalized for a kidney stone and viral meningitis in the same year. To say I was stressed and overworked is an understatement.

I had traded one pair of handcuffs for another. There had to be a better way!

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed to make some major adjustments to the way I was operating my business, and once I discovered the formula, everything changed.

I increased my profit margin from 4% to 47%.

I finally paid myself a 6-figure income.

I worked less than 5 hours a week.

And I eventually sold my business for 40 TIMES my original investment! DEBT FREE!

Ever since, I have helped thousands of other female entrepreneurs decrease their workload, increase their profitability, MAKE MORE MONEY, and find true freedom in their businesses. Let me help you do the same in your business, too!

Looking for More help? Grab Erin’s mini-course, The Pricing Lab, and discover exactly how much you need to charge in order to be profitable.